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24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Service

Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, the clue is in the name. We react fast to every emergency and we’re on call at all times to offer a truly 24 7 emergency service in Charlotte and the surrounding area. We know that there’s no way for you to predict when damage is likely to happen, which is why our trained black mold removal and flood restoration specialists are available around the clock.

When disaster strikes, you need to respond as quickly as possible. This is particularly true in the case of emergency water

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damage, because water can spread quickly throughout your property and cause all sorts of damage. Within just the first few minutes, it’s absorbed by floors, carpets, furniture and other malleable materials, while metals tarnish and dyes run within hours. You could try to tackle it yourself, but it’s a big risk to take and you could end up doing more harm than good.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to hire a 24 hour plumber in Charlotte NC or a specialist emergency restoration company like us that has the tools and the expertise that are required to deal with fire, water and storm damage quickly and efficiently. The first step is to determine the source of the damage in the first place so that you can make sure it’s not going to come back again as soon as the damage has been cleaned up and repaired.

Some restoration companies in Charlotte NC are exactly that — they’re restoration companies. Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we think that prevention is better than the cure — and that if it’s too late to prevent one accident, we can at least try to prevent another. We won’t just clean up the damage and then leave you to it. We’ll make sure that we understand the source of the damage so that we can stop it from happening again.

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Water Damage Restoration Service

There are several different types of water damage, from flooding and rain damage to water damage from extinguishers and hoses after a fire. Many emergency restoration services are only prepared to deal with one type of damage, but here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte we make sure that all of our emergency water cleanup specialists are fully trained for all eventualities.

We also kit out all of our vehicles with all of the equipment we’re likely to need, from industrial cleaning products to the

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powerful pumps and vacuums that we use to remove water from your property. On top of that, we work on both commercial and residential properties and no project is too big or too small. And if you don’t believe us, go ahead and give us a try!

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte is locally owned and locally run but with the standard of quality and the experience you need for any emergency services restoration project. On top of that, we provide customer service training to all of our emergency flood services engineers to ensure that they’re courteous and sympathetic at all times. We know that dealing with damage can be stressful, and we think it’s important not to add to that stress by sending rude or unfriendly engineers. So if you’re looking for a Charlotte NC storm and water restoration company that will always greet you with a smile on their face, give us a call. We’re looking forward to showing you how we can help.

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