Can You Manage Mold Removal in Charlotte, NC, Yourself?

March 19, 2020

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Proper, thorough mold removal in Charlotte, NC, is vitally important for both homeowners and commercial property owners. Mold damages a structure’s wood framework and materials such as drywall and carpeting, and can be very unhealthy for both people and pets!

Buildings in Charlotte and surrounding cities are often prone to mold growth and development, being located so close to the ocean and experiencing lots of summer storms and high humidity levels. Because mold is often prevalent in Charlotte homes and businesses, you might wonder if you can manage mold removal on your own. Before you decide on any mold removal or mold remediation in Charlotte, note some important information about these processes, and discuss them with a mold cleanup contractor as needed.


Small-Scale DIY Mold Removal in Charlotte, NC

After a water leak or other such small plumbing accident, you might notice black mold growing under a sink, along a room’s baseboards, or in other such areas. Mold is also not uncommon in showers and tubs, especially in rooms with inadequate ventilation.

You can address these smaller mold infestations yourself; be sure to use household gloves and a dust mask, and even eye protection if possible. Keep the area well-ventilated, to avoid breathing in bleach fumes. It’s also important that you’ve addressed the cause of the mold so it doesn’t simply return!

For small-scale mold removal, add one cup of household bleach to a gallon of water. Spray the area generously, let the solution sit for a minute or so, and then blot with a damp, clean rag. Don’t rinse this area, as the bleach needs to sit and kill any mold spores left behind.

It’s also vital to note that you should never simply paint over black mold. While paint might cover mold, it doesn’t stop mold growth or address its cause. If you paint over mold, it will just continue to grow and you’ll eventually see new signs of mold under your fresh paint.

Why Avoid Large-Scale DIY Mold Removal in Charlotte

There are a few reasons to avoid large-scale mold removal in Charlotte on your own. Breathing in mold spores is very dangerous and linked to a number of health concerns, but protecting yourself from mold spores is often more complicated than you might realize!

For example, when you scrub mold, spores might become airborne and then land on your clothes and in your hair. You can then breathe in those spores or track them to other areas of the home. Mold also tends to grow in dark spaces, meaning areas difficult for you to see properly!

Professional mold cleanup companies in Charlotte ensure their workers wear proper protective clothing and breathing apparatus, and use cleaning methods that avoid spreading mold spores from one area to another. They also use high-tech equipment that allows them to see growing mold behind walls, under floorboards, and in other areas you might overlook. Their work ensures a thorough mold cleanup for your home or office!

It’s also vital to note that local building or cleanup codes might dictate proper mold disposal methods, including the disposal of your gloves, rags, and protective clothing! Simply tossing out mold-covered clothes and building materials might mean a large fine from your city or county. To avoid this risk, rely on mold cleanup professionals for all your mold removal needs.

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How Dangerous is Black Mold?

While you might not look forward to mold removal costs for Charlotte homes or businesses, consider some reasons why it’s a needed investment! First understand that there are many different types of mold, including varieties of black-colored mold. Some black molds, such as cladosporium, do not produce toxins and are considered harmless, although heavy exposure might trigger asthma and allergy attacks and other sinus and lung irritations.

However, Stachybotrys chartarum is highly toxic. Stachybotrys chartarum is a dark black or green mold common in attics; as heat rises and bring humidity with it, attics tend to get very damp and musty, creating an excellent location for mold growth.

Symptoms of toxic mold exposure include rashes, sneezing, coughing, irritation to the eyes and mucus membranes, fatigue, and headaches. Long-term exposure might cause nausea and vomiting and even bleeding in the lungs, which then results in nosebleeds.

In extreme cases, mold toxins might settle into the brain and destroy neurons, leading to diminished mental abilities. A person might also experience nervous system disorders, including personality changes, mood swings, tremors, and irritability. If mold toxins make their way to the bloodstream, this increases the risk of heart damage and hemorrhaging.

While these extreme cases are often rare, the risk of damage to your health is an excellent reason to invest in professional mold cleanup for Charlotte homes and businesses, as needed. This is especially true for large-scale mold removal and if you suspect mold growth in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind attic walls.

If you’re not concerned about mold exposure, such as for unoccupied structures, note that mold also damages a building itself! Mold holds dampness against building materials and surfaces, leading to wood rot and weakened floors, ceilings, and other areas. The longer you ignore needed mold cleanup in Charlotte, the greater this damage and the more expensive your repair bills!

What Is the Difference Between Mold Remediation and Mold Cleanup?

When shopping for mold removal companies in Charlotte, you might notice that many offer mold remediation services as well. Mold remediation refers to monitoring a structure for the risk of mold and for new mold growth, doing everything possible to stop mold from forming and cleaning mold immediately if it should start to grow.

Mold remediation in Charlotte is often recommended after a fire, flood, or plumbing disaster. It doesn’t take long for wood framing, drywall, and other such materials to absorb floodwaters or water used to extinguish a fire, and for mold to start growing! Even with high-quality, professional flood cleanup and water removal services in Charlotte, mold remediation is an excellent way to protect your property and health!

Mold remediation services typically start with noting a structure’s overall humidity levels. These levels are then monitored continuously over the course of several days or weeks, to note if they reach levels that would encourage mold growth. Dehumidifiers, fans, and other equipment remove excess humidity from the space, making it harder for mold to grow and develop.

If you’re not sure if you’ll need remediation or mold removal in Charlotte, discuss your options with a mold removal contractor. He or she can assess a structure and note the best way to protect your home or business as well as your health!

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