Dorian Dumps North Carolina With Rain But Moves Up the Coast

September 6, 2019

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During the first week of September, 2019, hurricane Dorian made its way across the islands of the Bahamas, leaving behind a wake of disaster including property damage and fatalities. As the storm eventually began its journey again, it then made its way to the east coast of the United States, skirting past the border of Florida.

As residents of North Carolina braced for the worst, Dorian wavered between a category 3 and category 1 hurricane and seemed to be on a direct path for areas of Wilmington and other coastal regions. However, much to the relief of residents, the storm didn’t do much more than cause minor flooding and some power outages before it moved up the coast.

Dorian and Rainfall in North Carolina

While Dorian did not cause the disasters expected in North Carolina, and many residents noted that it wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as hurricane Florence from the year before, areas of North Carolina did see pounding rain for several days while the storm passed. Some cities reported at least 8 inches of rainfall in one day while other expected to get up to 15 inches or more.

Despite the small amounts of rainfall and relatively untouched coast, residents were warned that they weren’t quite out of danger yet. Heavy rains and strong winds cause flash floods rather easily, and especially around areas of swollen creeks and rivers. Downed power lines also pose danger to anyone nearby.

Some 20 tornadoes were also reported in North Carolina as a result of Dorian. One tornado, spotted in Emerald Isle, ripped up mobile homes and littered the area with dangerous debris. Residents were warned of the danger of tornadoes that often accompany hurricanes and were urged to remain off the streets until the danger had passed completely. Coastal advisories were also in effect as Dorian moved up the coast to South Carolina and Virginia, both states also expecting heavy rainfall throughout the weekend.

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