Flood Watch and Fog Warnings for the Charlotte Area

January 2, 2019

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December 31, 2018 – Charlotte, NC

Patchy, dense fog has moved into the Charlotte area this past weekend, with conditions not looking to improve before the week is over. The area’s warmer daytime temperatures, coupled with wintertime moisture, has led to a thick fog rolling into the city and its surrounding suburbs, causing a hazard for early morning and late evening drivers especially.

Charlotte’s weather has been dangerous for drivers and residents throughout this past fall and early winter seasons. Heavy rains have created various areas of flash flooding, and early snowfalls followed by unseasonably warm weather have also led to floods and rising water levels along area roadways and residential properties.

Flash floods and the dense fog now experienced in the Charlotte area are very dangerous for those out on the roads, as a flash flood is not only strong and intense, but often appears with little to no warning. Flooding in the Charlotte area can wash out roadways and take even the heaviest of vehicles with it. Dense fog reflects light, creating a glare for nighttime drivers, and obstructs a driver’s vision. Drivers are cautioned to slow down, use their low beams, turn on their windshield wipers to remove accumulating moisture, and keep plenty of distance between them and the vehicles in front of them.

Homeowners also do well to understand the dangers of Charlotte’s recent inclement weather conditions. When flood warnings are issued, it’s good to block doorways with towels or other linens, to keep floodwaters out of the home. Invest in a sump pump if your basement or crawlspace tends to flood, and use a strong dehumidifier during times of heavy fog, to whisk moisture and humidity out of the home and keep it safe and dry.

Note, too, that homeowners do well to call for water damage and flood restoration and repairs as soon as floodwaters recede. Floodwaters bring dirt, grime, sediment, bacteria, and other unhealthy, unsanitary debris into a home’s interior, and can also be absorbed by carpeting, carpet padding, drywall, subfloors, wall studs, and other such building materials rather quickly.

Floods and excessive humidity in the home, such as from this week’s dense fog, can also lead to eventual mold growth, as well as the formation of mildew under carpet padding and in other such areas. Water damage repair and mold remediation services can reduce the risk of that damaging, unhealthy mold forming in your home and ensure your family is protected from health risks related to the spread of mold and mildew.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and residents enjoy its climate and full four seasons year-round. However, that ever-changing weather also brings risks to drivers and homeowners, so it’s encouraged that everyone be safe when on the road, and in their own home. Taking proper precautions when driving, and ensuring your home is protected from damage due to excess moisture, allows you to enjoy Charlotte’s climate safely throughout the year!

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