How Dangerous is Water Damage in Charlotte Homes?

April 9, 2020

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Water damage in Charlotte homes is more than just an inconvenience or annoyance; in some cases, floodwaters are downright dangerous to your health, while even a small flood increases the risk of very expensive repair bills down the road.

To better understand why it’s so vital to contact a water damage restoration company in Charlotte after a sewage backup, flood, burst pipe, or other such disaster in your home, you might note some risks of flooding and resultant damage. Be sure you discuss these risks with a water restoration contractor near you, so you keep your home and family safe at all times.

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What Is Clean Water Damage in Charlotte?

Clean water damage refers to floodwaters free of bacteria and other microorganisms that would otherwise be dangerous to a person’s health. For example, water from leaking faucets, broken dishwashers and water heaters, and overflowing washing machines is often clean and not necessarily harmful to your health.

While clean water itself is not necessarily dangerous, note that it doesn’t take long for drywall, wood studs and subflooring, carpet and its underlying padding, and other materials to absorb that water. It also doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to form and spread! Mold especially is very unhealthy and even downright dangerous to your health, which is why it’s vital to schedule clean water damage restoration in a Charlotte home as soon as possible after a flood.

Common Dirty Water Damage in Charlotte Homes

Dirty water damage in Charlotte involves water that is unsanitary and unsafe, either through direct contact or if the water should evaporate and become airborne. Dirty water contains germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms you would avoid in daily life; for instance, from an overflowing toilet or a bathtub drain backup.

It’s vital that a homeowner rely on a water damage cleanup company in Charlotte for dirty water removal. Lightweight household gloves and a dust mask are often insufficient protection against those germs and bacteria, which also cling to walls, floors, and other surfaces. Proper water removal and cleanup is needed to ensure your safety, and to note what’s needed to reduce the risk of recurring damage, such as plumbing repairs or drain cleaning.

The Dangers of Black Water Damage in Charlotte

Black water contains high levels of contaminants and dangerous microorganisms. Black floodwaters are often caused by a sewage backup or damaged septic tank. Exterior floods containing hazardous chemicals, such as from a production facility, are also extremely hazardous.

Toxins from black water often cause allergic reactions and serious respiratory distress. Ingesting these toxins, such as from getting them on your hands and then touching your mouth, might also increase the risk of stomach ailments and other internal health concerns. Odors created by black water are also bothersome to sinuses; prolonged exposure to such odors might result in headaches and even sleep disturbances!

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Does Water Damage Happen Immediately?

Another important detail for homeowners to consider is that water damage results aren’t always immediate, and aren’t always noticeable right after a flood or plumbing disaster. As said, it doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to develop behind walls and under carpeting, but it might take a few days for you to notice mold spores or developing mildew.

A homeowner might assume that they’ve done an adequate cleaning job only to discover that their home is suddenly suffering from mold and mildew growth, or that wall studs, subflooring, and drywall are soft and crumbly. Homeowners also might not realize that germs, bacteria, toxins, and other harmful microorganisms are clinging to walls, floors, and other such surfaces.

What Is Involved in Water Damage Repair in Charlotte Homes?

Now that you know a bit more about water damage risks, you might note what’s often involved in water damage repair in Charlotte homes. A thorough assessment of the damage is the first step, so a water removal contractor knows every area affected by a flood or plumbing disaster. Excess water removal often involves heavy-duty sump pumps and shop vacuums; carpets are also typically pulled up, to easily remove water under its surface and along subflooring.

After water removal, cleaning and sanitizing begins. Affected areas are steamed or scrubbed accordingly, using specialty cleansers that kill germs and other harmful microorganisms. A water damage company in Charlotte ensures all rags and other materials are cleaned thoroughly or disposed of properly, and will use proper cleaning methods that ensure germs don’t become airborne during or after this process.

Odor neutralizing is also vitally important after water damage cleanup. Removing foul odors from sewage backups and broken septic systems, as well as lingering mildew smells, ensures an environment that is as comfortable as it is clean!

What Is Mold Remediation in Charlotte Homes?

Along with adequate water damage cleanup and restoration, mold remediation in Charlotte homes is vital after flooding. Mold remediation refers to monitoring a structure for the risk of mold growth and taking necessary steps to reduce that risk. For example, using commercial quality dehumidifiers for a short time after water damage cleanup ensures an interior environment isn’t overly damp and humid, making it inhospitable for mold growth.

If mold should develop, a mold cleanup company in Charlotte then ensures quickly and timely removal of developing mold, using cleansers designed to kill mold spores. This keeps mold growth and spread to a minimum, reducing health risks and the risk of damage to your home.

Why Call a Water Damage Restoration Company in Charlotte

It’s not unusual for a homeowner to assume they can manage flood cleanup themselves, especially a small flood such as from a broken dishwasher. However, it’s vital to remember how easily a home’s interior building materials such as drywall and wall studs absorb water, often faster than you can remove it with a sump pump or other means!

Since mold grows quickly and even floodwaters that look clean might contain toxins, it’s vital to rely on a professional for water damage in Charlotte. He or she ensures a thorough cleaning and sanitizing job and can monitor a home for potential mold growth. You’ll then have a home that’s clean and pristine and safe for you and your family.

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