How Much Does Commercial Water Damage Restoration Cost in Charlotte?

June 24, 2019

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No matter the commercial water damage restoration cost in Charlotte, it’s vital that a business owner or manager ensure their property is safe for clients, customers, and staff after a flood or fire. Professional water damage cleanup also protects a structure from mold and mildew. Investing in proper commercial water damage cleanup in Charlotte protects a business from long-term damage after a flood or fire, and ensures a job done right!

Your water damage cost in Charlotte might be charged by the area, usually $45 to $55 per square foot. In some cases, water damage cleanup and restoration work might include a flat rate, usually $2700 to $4500 or more depending on the work involved. To ensure you make the right choice for commercial water damage repairs in Charlotte, note a few frequently asked questions about flood and fire restoration and their overall costs, as well as what’s involved in this work.

commercial water damage restoration costs Charlotte

What Is Involved In Water Damage Cleanup Costs in Charlotte?

Commercial water damage cleanup involves more than simply extracting water from carpets and wiping down walls. Note what is often involved in professional water damage cleanup costs in Charlotte so you know why those costs are worth the investment for your business:

  • Commercial water damage restoration in Charlotte begins with a thorough inspection, noting the areas and extent of damage.
  • Water damage repair contractors also note the cause of water damage and ensure that the source of water is contained properly. Floodwaters might be blocked from entering building’s entryways, to ensure your structure doesn’t suffer added water damage during the cleanup process!
  • The next step in commercial water damage repair is a thorough extraction of water from rugs, carpet padding, drywall, ceiling tiles, and other areas and surfaces.
  • Drying and dehumidifying are the next steps in the water damage restoration process. Proper dehumidifying ensures that all excess moisture, including water trapped behind walls and underneath carpets and floorboards, is removed effectively and thoroughly.
  • Once water and moisture are removed, surfaces of a building need proper and thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Walls, ceiling tiles, carpets, and other surfaces are scrubbed to wash away residues brought in by floodwaters as well as any developing mold and mildew.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, After Cleanup!

After water damage cleanup, your structure will then need commercial water damage restoration! Restoration and repairs involve replacing broken or damaged tile, carpet too damaged for cleaning, softened and otherwise damaged drywall, subflooring, and walls studs, and all other materials ruined by floodwaters. Remaining surfaces are repainted or resurfaced as needed.

Materials covered with mold growth, sewage, or other contamination too extensive for cleaning might also be removed and replaced. Electrical wiring exposed to water might be replaced as well, to avoid the risk of shock from water residues. The entire Charlotte commercial water damage restoration process should return your structure to its original state, clean and ready for your return!

commercial flood cleanup Charlotte

How to Remediate Flood Damage in Charlotte

Business owners are often reimbursed the cost of flood damage cleanup and repairs by their insurance provider, depending on the insurance policy and reason for the flooding. To make the process easier on you overall, note some tips for remediating flood damage in a Charlotte commercial structure:

  • Keep damaged materials and items as proof of loss. If you cannot keep something on your property, such as equipment you must move for the flood cleanup process, take high-quality photos of the item and especially the damaged areas.
  • Move items out of the way of damaged areas so an adjuster can note the damage to your structure more easily.
  • Avoid making repairs until the adjuster walks through and takes note of the damage!
  • If you do have commercial water damage cleanup of a Charlotte business before the adjuster evaluates the property, ensure you keep a detailed report of all the cleanup work performed.

Mold Remediation After Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Even the highest-quality commercial water damage cleanup services cannot prevent mold from developing and spreading after a flood. Mold remediation in Charlotte monitors a structure for developing mold spores as well as mildew, algae, and other residues, correcting the source of mold growth and cleaning away those spores as they develop.

To reduce the risk of mold developing after a flood, ensure you keep your furnace or air conditioner running, reducing humidity in your space. Use a high-quality dehumidifier as needed and especially during summer months when humidity levels are higher than average. Keep doors and windows open as much as possible, to increase air circulation throughout your structure.

It’s also good to be cautious about activities that might increase humidity levels in the building. If your building has an employee kitchen, avoid boiling water or otherwise creating steam in the space. Put off production activities that create steam and humidity as much as possible. Put upholstered office furniture outside in the sun so they dry as much as possible and avoid mold growth along the fabric or padding.

commercial flood cleanup Charlotte

How to Choose Fire and Water Damage Restoration Companies in Charlotte

To choose the best fire and water damage restoration companies in Charlotte, note if they work with major insurance companies. Having a commercial water damage company in Charlotte manage your paperwork for claims alleviates much of your stress during the cleanup process. It also reduces the risk of errors and omissions during the claims process!

It’s also good to choose locally owned and operated fire and water damage restoration companies in Charlotte. A franchise managed by a company far from home might not have the best response time or same consideration and care for their local customers. It’s also good to note how long they’ve been in business and their online reviews.

When choosing a water cleanup company, remember that you don’t want to make your decision based on the commercial water damage restoration costs in Charlotte alone. High-quality damage restoration services are an investment in your commercial structure and your business itself. Thorough water and fire cleanup services also ensures the health and safety of your staff, clients, and customers, making those services well worth their cost!

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