How Much Does Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte Cost?

July 27, 2020

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Your fire damage restoration in Charlotte costs are well worth that investment, as professional restoration and cleanup ensures a safe, hygienic structure after a fire or flood. Proper water extraction reduces the risk of mold growth and odor neutralizing services remove bothersome smoky smells from your home or business.

Most homeowners pay from $3.75 to $7 per square foot for fire damage restoration in Charlotte, depending on the extent of damage, materials needing repairs, added services needed such as water extraction, and the like. Before you assume that you can manage DIY fire damage cleanup and repairs at home or in your business, you might note some vital reasons why this work should be left to the pros. Discuss your questions with a Charlotte fire repair contractor as needed, so you know your home or business gets the best possible attention after a fire or other such disaster!

Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte Starts With a Thorough Inspection!

One vital reason to leave Charlotte fire damage cleanup and repair to a professional is that he or she will know how to inspect your property thoroughly and effectively, looking for damaged building materials, electrical wiring and fixtures, plumbing pipes, and other items you might overlook! Homeowners and commercial property owners might know to check wall studs behind fire-damaged drywall or to pull up carpeting and check the condition of its padding, but overlook tile grout and caulk, wiring and switches, window glass, and other such materials and surfaces.

fire damage restoration in Charlotte NC

A fire damage restoration company in Charlotte also ensures a thorough inspection of load-bearing walls and beams. As these areas of framing literally keep a structure upright, it’s vital that they remain structurally strong! Singed wood, framing that absorbs water used to suppress a fire, or wood exposed to heat can eventually crack, chip, and outright collapse. A professional inspection ensures your structure is stable and secure and safe for reoccupation.

The Difficulty of Thorough Water Extraction in Charlotte

Firefighters often use tremendous amounts of water to extinguish a blaze and that water doesn’t just go away! In some cases you might be left with a small flood in your home or business after a fire is out. You might also find that carpeting, tile, drywall, and other materials are literally soaked and not drying out as quickly as you might expect.

Without proper water extraction after a fire, your home or other structure might suffer as much water damage as it has fire damage! Drywall, wood framing and subflooring, carpet fibers, rubber carpet padding, and other materials absorb and hold that water, leading to damage and the increased risk of mold growth.

Water extraction with household equipment is difficult if not downright impossible, as an everyday vacuum cleaner is not designed to remove water or water-damaged materials. A professional fire damage restoration contractor in Charlotte uses heavy-duty extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, heaters, and other tools and techniques for fast, thorough water removal. This reduces water damage and the risk of mold growth and returns your structure to a like-new condition as quickly as possible.

Pro Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte Replaces Materials as Needed

When homeowners hear the phrase “fire damage restoration in Charlotte,” they often confuse restoration with repairs! After a fire, flood, or other such disaster, some building materials and other such items might be repaired to a like-new condition; for instance, water extraction and cleaning might salvage carpet otherwise covered in soot and ash.

fire damage restoration charlotte

However, some fire-damaged building materials and household items need replacing rather than repairs. Once certain materials are exposed to heat and flames, copious amounts of water, chemicals and fumes in a fire or used to suppress fire, and other such residues, they become unsalvageable and sometimes downright unsafe. A fire damage restoration contractor in Charlotte knows what materials can be repaired and when certain materials need replacing instead.

Repairs Don’t Stop With Charlotte Fire Damage Restoration

Once your home or business is repaired and restored, the work of a professional fire damage restoration contractor in Charlotte is not done! He or she might recommend mold remediation services, to reduce the risk of mold growth and monitor your structure for growing and developing mold. Mold remediation is often far cheaper than mold cleanup and removal, making this service an excellent investment in your structure’s overall condition.

Odor neutralizing services are also an excellent choice, and often a much-needed service, after fire damage repairs. Unpleasant odors tend to linger long after a fire is extinguished, and these odors can be so strong that they can cause headaches and sinus irritation! Covering over odors with carpet deodorizers, candles, and air fresheners is ineffective and can even make those smells worse, or be irritating themselves.

Professional odor neutralizing doesn’t cover smells with even heavier perfumes, but neutralizes the chemicals that create odors. Your home or business then smells as clean as it looks and offers a welcoming, inviting atmosphere for all its occupants.

Reduce Stress With Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte

While there are many good reasons to rely on a pro for restoration after a fire, reducing stress levels is reason enough to call a restoration company. A fire itself, even something small in a kitchen or contained right outside a fireplace, is enough stress for any homeowner or commercial property owner, and you might already be anxious about getting your family or your business back to normal.

Homeowners and commercial property owners might also need to deal with insurance companies after a fire, flood, or other disaster, and that also means added stress and anxiety! Shopping for new replacement materials, reviewing safety protocols, and other such needed tasks are enough to keep anyone busy after a fire, and these also add to your stress levels.

Relying on a professional for fire damage restoration in Charlotte is an excellent way to alleviate at least some of that stress. You can also rest assured that your structure is clean and hygienic and safe for reoccupation when you rely on a pro for fire damage cleanup and repairs.


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