Hundreds Trapped on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, After Being Hit By Dorian

September 6, 2019

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Ocracoke Island, part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks region, is known for its quiet and tranquil lifestyle and beautiful views of the Atlantic and the state’s coastal region. After hurricane Dorian came through and passed over the islands on September 5 and 6, however, the entire region was flooded while hundreds were believed to be trapped on the island itself.

Dorian Rumbles Through North Carolina

Hurricane Dorian hit the shores of North Carolina during the first week of September, after having spent several hours devastating the islands of the Bahamas. The hurricane skirted away from the coast of Florida and swelled between category 3 and category 1 by the time it made landfall along the North Carolina coast.

While North Carolina felt the brunt of the storm in some road closures and flooding, many residents and weather analysts noted that the impact of Dorian was nothing like hurricane Florence, which had hit the state just one year prior. After Florence swept through the coastal region, major roadways were closed for days due to flooding and debris, where Dorian’s impact was much less significant.

Ocracoke Takes the Brunt of It

One exception to the storm was Ocracoke Island, of the state’s coast and part of its Outer Banks region. While only 16 miles long and no more than 3 miles wide, the island was said to be covered in “catastrophic flooding” with an estimated 800 people trapped during and after the storm.

One challenge for island residents is that there are no causeways or bridges to and from the inland to the island. The only means of transportation to and from the island is boat, ferry, or small plane. This limited means of transportation made it difficult for residents to leave in time to escape the storm and also make it difficult for rescuers to supply a significant amount of personnel to the island.

North Carolina governing Roy Cooper said that the state was dispensing rescue personnel as quickly as possible. “We cannot let our guard down,” he was quoted as saying about the conditions on the island and his concern for residents still trapped there. Footage from the island showed floodwaters surrounding many of its buildings including island shops, which were still underwater even after Dorian subsided during the week.

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