Look Out for Floods Along the I-77 Corridor

July 30, 2018

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MOORESVILLE, NC – Don’t put your umbrellas away just yet, as the heavy rains that have pelted the Lake Norman area these past few days aren’t going away anytime soon! According to the National Weather Service, the entire I-77 corridor is expected to experience more showers and thunderstorms throughout much of the remaining week.


The NWS put out a hazardous weather outlook for Monday, July 23, stating, "Numerous to widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms will develop across the area this afternoon through tonight.” The warning continued, "The main threat from the showers and storms will be heavy to excessive rainfall, which could result in localized flash flooding, especially in urban areas along the I-77 corridor."


While cloudy skies may bring cooler temperatures and a relief from stifling humidity, all that rain also means the risk of lots of flooding in and around the Lake Norman area. Homeowners in Mooresville and surrounding cities are not unfamiliar with the damage that flash floods can do to their homes, as even the smallest amount of floodwaters are often quickly absorbed by a home’s drywall, subfloors, carpet padding, and insulation.


Even the slightest amount of water damage to a home can leave behind unsightly stains and lead to eventual mold growth, long after those floodwaters have subsided. Standing water is also a leading risk factor for pest infestation, as insects and rodents may gladly nest in a home that provides them with a ready supply of water.


If your home has suffered flooding or water damage for any reason, give us a call 24/7 for quick and affordable cleanup and mold remediation services. Our trained experts will thoroughly clean any residual water stains, and repair or replace damaged building materials as needed. Your house will then be safe, dry, and protected against future mold growth and pest infestation.

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