Massive Waterspout Forms Over North Carolina in the Wake of Dorian

September 6, 2019

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As hurricane Dorian skimmed along the coast of North Carolina during the first week of September, 2019, it left several areas flooded and without power, and stranded some 800 residents on the state’s Ocracoke Island. Many areas of the coast of North Carolina reported receiving up to 15 inches of rainfall, and tornadoes warnings stayed in effect during the hurricane’s arrival.

Despite the damage, many residents knew that they had skirted potential disaster, especially when compared to hurricane Florence that had hit the same region a year earlier, and to the Bahamas, which saw massive destruction along its islands. Despite the relative calm of the storm in North Carolina, residents did get quite a scare when they spotted a waterspout forming over North Carolina in Dorian’s wake.

Catching the Waterspout

A waterspout is a tornado that forms out of water and these natural phenomena are often spotted over lakes and other large water bodies. After Dorian moved through North Carolina, photographers spotted an ominous gray mass moving over a lake near Emerald Isle, where it eventually touched down.

Residents who spotted the waterspout knew that it was something serious; as with a land tornado, waterspouts create tremendous wind and have enough power to knock down structure and uproot trees and other vegetation. Boats can also get caught in the gale force of a waterspout.

Staying Safe in a Hurricane

The appearance of a waterspout forming in the wake of hurricane Dorian is a good reminder of how vital it is that residents stay safe during any storm! While Dorian did not produce the damaging wind and rain expected, resultant tornadoes, flash flooding, lightning strikes, and waterspouts are dangerous and downright deadly.

To ensure your safety during a storm, be sure to note any storm warnings and follow them carefully. If told to evacuate, do so at once rather than assuming you can “wait and see” how bad a storm becomes. Avoid areas around creeks and rivers, as these can swell with water and create flash floods. Keep your home safe with sandbags or rolled up towels along doorways and board up windows as much as possible. These simple, common sense tips will help to keep you safe during any storm and no matter the devastation it might cause.

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