A Professional Water Damage Cleanup Project

Water damage cleanup is so much more than simply letting the area dry out.

When a client is dealing with water damage they can feel overwhelmed, defeated, and confused.  There are many different factors to consider such as mold growth, mildew, wood and carpet damage, etc. Our goal at 24/7 Water Damage is to properly clean up moisture and prevent further water damage from taking place.

There was one job that we worked on in the late spring of 2016. There had been a terrible rainstorm which resulted in torrential down-pouring. Our client’s basement was so flooded that the water started to rise to the first level of the house. It was evident that professional water damage cleanup was inevitable. When the client called us they were upset, worried, and didn’t know what to do. Our team reassured them that help was on the way.

The client had homeowners insurance which covered flood and water damage. We contacted the insurance company on behalf of our client and got the ball rolling for their insurance claim. That’s a service that we offer to further take the burden off our client’s shoulders. 

When we arrived to work it was evident that mold and algae had already started to grow as we could smell it upon entering the house. Mold has to be removed appropriately or it will continue to come back. Our first order of business was to get the water out of the basement and begin the drying process before we could tackle the mold.

We used our state-of-the-art truck system to extract the water from the basement. This is a fairly quick process. Once we got rid of the standing water we began setting up industrial-sized fans to start drying out the area. This took a few days because the weather was incredibly humid and that didn’t help the matter. However, after a few days, the issue was resolved.

Now it was time to perform mold mitigation services which included using high-quality cleaners that contain anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to completely eradicate the mildew, mold, and algae. When the mold was gone the air smelled better and the room looked amazing.

Our client was very happy with the outcome. We have them a few actionable tips to prevent flooding from happening again such as sealing up cracks in the lower walls. All in all, this was a job well done. Have questions about water damage cleanup? Call 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte.

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