Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Project

This commercial fire damage restoration project was intense.

Commercial fire damage restoration is a big job that should only be taken on by experienced professionals such as our company. Each of our skilled team members has years of experience behind them in the fire damage and restoration arena. From working alongside contractors to having the hands-on experience that is needed to get the job done you can depend on our crew for superior commercial fire damage restoration services. 

Our company works with all major insurance companies to ensure you'll be covered for commercial fire damage restoration no matter what. We always stand by our clients. We even have a licensed insurance adjuster on our staff for your convenience. When you hire 24/7 Water Damage of Charlotte you're hiring the best in the business.

We once performed commercial fire damage restoration for a client who owned a book and electronics retail store. The fire damage was devastating as it took all of our client's inventory and much more. One of the biggest obstacles that we came across in this situation was all of the electronic debris and material. You see, these materials are toxic and release gases into the air that can cause a host of health problems. We needed to get this stuff out of the store, safely.

fire damage cleanup and restoration in Cornelius

24/7 Water Damage always has a host of connections that we can reach out too for expert advice. We spoke with an electrician who guided us through the removal process of these TVs, computers, and other electronics. We wanted to make sure they were disposed of safely.

Once we got the electronics cleaned up we began gutting the store and restoring it to a space that could be rebuilt. This involved removing all burnt drywall from the walls and ceiling, removing the damaged flooring, and applying deodorizers to take away the smoke smell. We noticed that the windows of the store were badly damaged by the flames but much to our amazement we were able to clean them using a heavy-duty solution. This saved the shop owner the expense of having to replace the windows.

We partnered with a local contractor who came in and rebuilt the interior of the store for our client. It ended up looking better than it did before. Now, our client has a thriving electronics business once again that looks as good as new. We received a great review from this client on our website.

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