Commercial Mold Remediation Project - Indian Trail

Commercial Mold Remediation Project Done Right!

For the last 25 years, 24/7 Water Damage in Charlotte has been providing professional commercial mold remediation in Indian Trail. Our team works diligently to eradicate mold growth and prevent it from returning. We are a team of professionals who take the safety of our clients very seriously. When you're dealing with a commercial mold problem you not only have to worry about your own health but the health of your staff and patrons as well.

We understand that hiring a company for commercial mold remediation can be worrisome because of the costs associated. However, we want you to know that 24/7 Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte never overcharges for services. In fact, we work with all of the major insurance companies. Our staff includes a licensed insurance adjuster to make sure you're getting the compensation that's detailed within your policy.

Our team remembers working with a fast-food chain restaurant had in Indian trail that had been dealing with an ongoing mold problem in their storage room. No matter what they tried who they hired the problem would not go away. That's when our team stepped in. We discovered that there was a crack in the floor behind a freezer that was letting moisture seep into the room. This is what fueled mold growth. It gets very hot and humid in North Carolina which is a prime recipe for mold growth.


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Our team repaired the crack and made sure to thoroughly dry the area. Then, we began our mold removal process. We applied an industrial strength cleaning agent that contained anti-microbial properties to eradicate the mold and prevent it from returning. Once we completed this step it was time to allow the storeroom to dry. We set up a few industrial-sized fans and let them run for three days.

When we came back after the three day drying period we found the storeroom to be in great shape, just as we expected it would. The room was completely dry, the crack still sealed, and the mold gone. The air quality was much better. Our client was extremely pleased that he could reopen the restaurant.

We later learned that our work helped the restaurant pass its health inspection test as there was no more mold present on the premises. After a few months had passed we reached out to this client to see how things were going and they happily reported that the mold hadn't returned. This is a success story!

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