Commercial Water Damage Restoration Project

Commercial water damage restoration job from flooding...

Our team will never forget working with a major hotel in Charlotte when their pipes burst in an upper-level bathroom. The problem was an absolute emergency because if we didn't act fast the water was going to start leaking through the ceiling and dripping onto the lower floor. This is one reason why we at 24/7 Water Damage in Charlotte offer around-the-clock immediate service.

This client called us at 4 AM when the problem occurred. Our team loaded up our truck and headed right over. When we got there, the maintenance man had been able to shut off the water so that the spraying stopped. The bad part was that there was no occupant in this hotel room so the problem had been left unnoticed for a few hours. The entire room was flooded with water from the bathroom to the bed area as well as outside the door. That was how the problem was discovered because water had leaked from under the door into the hallway. 

We quickly brought in our water extraction equipment from our truck and began sucking up the standing water before it could start leaking through the ceiling. Our equipment is extremely powerful so this process didn't take long, fortunately. Once we got the water extracted and the floor cleaned up in the bathroom we utilized industrial strength fans to dry the carpets out.

commercial water damage cleanup charlotte

As the carpets were drying we began making the repairs on the pipes in the bathroom. The reason they burst was due to a clog that caused pressure to build up. We removed the clog and replaced the pipes. It took a few days for the carpets to dry but once they did all was well. You couldn't tell that this problem ever happened.

The great thing about use having 24-hour emergency service is that we are able to come to our client's aid right away. If the water in this Charlotte hotel room was left to sit it would have resulted in possible mold growth and the carpet needing to be removed and replaced. This would have made the commercial water damage restoration service much more costly.

Our client was very pleased with how we handled the situation and gave us a recommendation to another hotel in the city who needed water damage service. As always, our fully licensed and insured team was happy to help.

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