Expert Services Storm Damage Cleanup in Concord

There is nothing more satisfying than helping our clients with storm damage cleanup.

We fully understand the devastating effects that a tropical storm or hurricane can leave on the people of North Carolina. Each year brings new challenges but with a company like ours, you can count on us to help pick up the pieces.

When a storm comes rolling through the area we see a lot of water and flood damage. Everything from standing water in homes to actual debris from the storm washing into living rooms and basements. We've learned that we must always be prepared for storm damage cleanup calls to come pouring (pardon the pun) into our office during hurricane season.

In 2018, after Hurricane Florence came rolling through, a homeowner in Concord needed some emergency help. 24/7 Water Damage in Charlotte offers 24-hour emergency services for storm damage cleanup for those in need. This person lived in a ranch-style home and had water and debris inside of her house. She had a large bay window that was completely shattered and caused tree limbs and silt to come rushing into her house on a wave of floodwater because of the high winds. It was a nightmare for this homeowner.


Thankfully, her insurance policy covered this type of damage. Our team was able to call them and work out the fine details on behalf of our client. When we arrived at her residence we were shocked at the amount of damage done in her front room. The standing water was pretty much gone but the damage it caused was very much still present. The carpet was so saturated that our footprints were indented into the fibers with every step we took.

We started the water extraction process and began cleaning up the glass from the front window. We soon realized the carpet needed to be ripped out as it was unsalvageable. We did that and hauled it away for our client. We managed to completely dry out the subfloor so new carpeting could be installed. Our team applied anti-mold and mildew cleaners to the walls to clean them.

When all was said and done our client was left with dry, clean, and fresh lower level once again. She had a new window and carpet installed that same week. You could barely tell that a storm had ever ravaged her space. Our client gave us a stunning review for our great workmanship.

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