Mold Removal Project Unlike Any Other

Mold removal is very important to tackle head-on.

 Sure, you can purchase your own testing kits from hardware stores or online but they won't teach you how to effectively remove mold from your home. Plus, mold kits cannot always tell you whether you have a black mold problem or not. The kits that our company uses are of the highest quality on the market and test for every type of mold out there, even black. Our professionals are experienced in mold identification and know-how to spot black mold from a mile away.

When it comes to mold removal you can fully trust our team to tackle the problem and get to the root cause. Is your mold caused by excessive moisture? Flooding? Water damage? These are all questions that our company can answer for you. You see, our team has been providing expert mold removal for over 25 years. We know exactly what to look for and how to get rid of this ongoing problem for you.

Our team never overcharges for mold removal. We work with all of the major insurance companies and even have a licensed insurance adjuster on our staff for your peace of mind. It doesn't matter if you have a mold problem in a small residential home or a large commercial building; our crew can handle it.

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We can recall going to a home that a client had purchased that had gone up for foreclosure. The house was beautiful but it had a bad mold problem due to neglect and sitting for months. Luckily, the mold did not test positive for black mold but any kind of mold is still harmful to humans and pets. This mold seemed to be breaking down the baseboards of the kitchen area.

Our team began the mold removal process by washing the baseboards and walls with a specially designed solution that targets mold at its core. W hazardous material masks, gloves, and jumpsuits to protect ourselves as mold is very irritating to the mucus membranes.

Once we scrubbed away all of the mold we used industrial-sized fans to dry the area out. It took a little while but once we were through the entire house smelled much better. We checked in on our client a month later and he was happy to report that the mold hadn't returned. We received a 5-star review for our work on this mold removal case.v

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