Project for Fire Damage Repair in Charlotte, NC

Fire damage repair is not a DIY job, here's why!

In Charlotte, NC, we've sadly seen our fair share of fire damage. Many of our clients have no idea what to do and it leaves them feeling overwhelmed and confused. Some of them have issues with their insurance companies covering this type of damage based on how the fire started. It can be a real nightmare. However, when 24/7 Water Damage in Charlotte is on the scene we do all that we can to help restore and rebuild lives through professional fire damage repair.

We had a client in Charlotte who experienced a fire in her bedroom due to a candle catching the curtains on fire. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the blaze but the bedroom suffered severe fire damage. The entire wall and window flame were burnt and covered in soot. The carpeting was littered with ashes and wreaked of smoke. Fortunately, the fire was put out before any furniture could catch on fire. Most of the damage was to the wall and window.

Much to our surprise, the carpet was not burnt at all but rather only covered in ashes. It smelled like smoke so we knew that we had to get the odor out or the client would have to completely tear out the carpet and install something new. We didn't want her to have to deal with such a costly expense.

fire damage restoration

We use specially-formulated carpet shampoos to reach down into the fibers of the rug so that all dirt and soot is removed. This results in the carpeting smelling better. Unfortunately, our first shampooing did not do the trick so we reapplied the solution and allowed it to sit for a day before rinsing. This seemed to do the trick as we checked back with our client a week later and the smell was gone.

Our team also removed all remnants of the burnt wall and left a clean slate for the contractors to work with when installing a new one. This included the removal of the window and frame. We hauled away all smoke and fire damaged debris away from the house using our truck.

Our client was so happy with our work she cried! We understand the flood of emotions that she felt as fire damage repairs are never easy. We are so happy we could help her solve this problem. Needless to say, our client never burnt another candle in an unattended bedroom again. 

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