Sewage Cleanup Services in Monroe

Raw sewage is something that cannot simply be scrubbed away if it is on a large scale.

When a sewer line breaks or a toilet overflows and undesirable contents come out it can be a major mess for a residential or commercial property owner. For example, if your basement is covered in sewage because your system is backed up you're going to need professional intervention.

Last summer, and mind you, it was VERY hot in North Carolina, a homeowner in Monroe called our office in a panic. They had a rental home that had been abandoned by the tenants and the tenants left them a big surprise - the sewer had overflowed into the basement and everywhere you looked there was fecal matter and other waste floating around. The owner had no idea how long the home had been left in this condition.

Our team of experienced sewage cleanup professionals estimated that the standing water and waste had to of been there for at least a month. The first thing we had to do was get the water and sewage out of the basement. We have a state-of-the-art extraction tool that is mounted onto our truck. This equipment efficiently and effectively removes moisture from surfaces, especially standing water and waste.

sewage backup services

Once all of the water was removed we realized we had a lot of solid waste to deal with that was stuck to the floor and walls. Sewage cleanup is not glamorous by any means but someone has to do it and it may as well be us. 24/7 Water Damage in Charlotte has over 25 years of experience dealing with emergency situations like this. 

Our crew donned special protective clothing and equipment and went to work removing the sewage. We contained the solid particles in biohazard containers and properly disposed of them. We then applied anti-microbial cleaners to the basement floor and walls to kill off any harmful bacteria. These cleaners also act as effective deodorizers. 

After all the sewage was cleaned out and removed we began the drying process which involved industrial-sized fans that we left running for several days. After the drying process, our team went back to assess the basement and it passed all cleanliness tests. We also made sure the sewer line probably was properly addressed to avoid this problem from happening again. Our client was pleased and told us that we exceeded their expectations.v

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