More Rain and Flooding For the Mooresville Area On the Way!

August 20, 2018

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Mooresville, NC – The National Weather Service issued another warning early Monday about heavy rains headed into our area this week, and along with it, the risk of flooding, high winds, and even hail. "The storms may produce high rainfall rates that could lead to isolated urban, low lying, and small stream flooding. The flooding threat will be highest over the foothills and western Piedmont of North Carolina," the NWS said a bulletin dated August 20.

Forecasters noted that Tuesday might bring the worst of the storms, as the city of Charlotte and the surrounding areas of Mooresville and Lake Norman should also see a slight cold front moving in sometime during the day. These heavy rains could lead to small stream floods and flash flooding, especially in higher terrains.

While small stream floods may not be as dangerous as flash floods, it only takes a few inches of floodwater to permeate a home, and these floodwaters can take some time to recede. Floodwaters are quickly absorbed by a home's drywall, subfloors, timber framing, carpet and carpet padding, and insulating materials, leading to dangerous mold growth. Not only is mold in the home hazardous for your family and your pets, but it also gets more expensive and difficult to clean the longer you ignore it!

Whenever your home has suffered water damage, and for whatever reason, give us a call 24/7 for fast, reliable, and affordable water damage cleanup in Moorseville, NC and mold remediation services. Our trained experts will efficiently and thoroughly clean away water stains, growing mold, and its hazardous spores. We will also repair or replace damaged building materials as needed and ensure your home's framework, subfloors, insulation, and other building materials are dry and secure, so your home is safe and comfortable no matter the outside weather!

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