Tips for Dealing With Storm Damage in Charlotte NC

September 7, 2019

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Storm damage in Charlotte NC is not like other forms of damage to a home. Storms often bring lots of moisture as well as high winds, increasing the risk of eventual mold growth along a home’s framework. Severe storms, such as the recent hurricane Dorian, can also mean dangerous debris around a house including uprooted trees, fallen branches, and fallen power lines.

If your home has suffered storm damage in Charlotte NC, it’s vital that you understand how to address that damage safely and effectively. You also want to ensure that you’re prepared to deal with an insurance company if you’re eligible for reimbursement and that you understand the risk of mold developing long after a storm or flood has subsided. Note a few tips for dealing with flooding and storm damage in Charlotte so you know your home is safe and secure and ready for reoccupation after those storms have passed!

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Insurance Reimbursement for Storm Damage in Charlotte

Once you and your family are safe, one of the first things you want to do is document storm damage to a Charlotte home or business. If your cell phone is fully charged and you don’t need to save the power for emergency calls, use it to take pictures of damaged areas of your home. If it’s not yet safe to venture outside, take pictures out the window of as much property damage as possible, including downed tree branches and power lines.

Along with documenting storm damage to a Charlotte NC home, take photos of damaged personal items including furniture, electronics, clothes, and so on. Make notes and lists of damaged items as this will help bolster your insurance claim if you’re eligible for reimbursement for those items.

Charlotte Storm Damage Cleanup

It’s vital that a homeowner hire a water damage restoration contractor in Charlotte for repairing damage to the home and ensuring the structure is safe and ready for reoccupation. However, a homeowner might also remove items like ruined furniture and area rugs from the home, which allow floodwaters to subside more easily.

Use plastic sheeting over broken windows and holes in a roof to keep out rainwater and other debris. While you might also remove some fallen branches and small debris from your yard, avoid climbing ladders and using chainsaws to clear fallen trees and larger branches. Storm-damaged trees can split or fall to one side, risking severe injury to anyone in the vicinity. Leave that cleanup to your flood restoration contractor in Charlotte instead.

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Staying Safe During Storm Damage Repair in Charlotte

While waiting for your water damage repair contractor in Charlotte, you might note some added tips for staying safe after a storm. These tips are especially vital if you’ll be attempting any of your own storm damage repair in a Charlotte home:

  • Stay away from areas of structural damage in the home. If a tree or large tree limb has fallen through the roof of a home, avoid that particular room as more areas of the roof and walls might also collapse.
  • Do not venture outside until it’s been declared safe, as there might still be hazards and risks even after a storm. For example, hurricane Dorian in Charlotte brought with it several tornadoes and waterspouts as well as lightning strikes!
  • If you have gas lines to the home, be sure they’re shut down or capped off properly. Never use candles or open flames in the home after a storm, to avoid the risk of igniting trapped fumes.
  • Make sure the sewer connections in your home are working before you use the toilets, to ensure they won’t back up with raw sewage and other contaminants.
  • If your area has lost power, toss out all perishable food that has reached room temperature.
  • If you must take your pets outdoors, ensure they’re on a leash. Be mindful of snakes and other wild animals displaced due to the storm and be sure to keep children and pets safe when you do finally go outside!
  • Avoid wading in floodwaters as much as possible. Remember that those waters might be contaminated with fecal matter, chemicals, and other harmful residues.

When You Need Mold Remediation in Charlotte

Mold remediation in Charlotte monitors a home for the risk of mold growth and ensures the interior of a property is treated so that mold is unlikely to form. Charlotte mold remediation is an excellent choice after storm damage cleanup and repairs, to ensure your home is dried thoroughly and protected from future mold growth.

A homeowner should also call for professional mold cleanup in a Charlotte home if you notice any signs of growing mold including musty and other unpleasant odors. Cleaning mold before it can spread means containing the damage it might cause and ensuring your home is safe and hygienic for you and your family!

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Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Contractor in Charlotte

One common mistake made by homeowners is to hire a water damage restoration contractor in Charlotte without doing any research on their qualifications and credentials. While it’s understandable that a homeowner might want to get their home repaired as quickly as possible, it’s also not unusual for unqualified and downright shady contractors to take advantage of homeowners in storm-damaged areas and their desperation for immediate repairs.

It’s vital that a homeowner avoid hiring someone who comes to their house and offers to make repairs; after a storm such as hurricane Dorian, qualified contractors are often overwhelmed with calls from property owners and have no need to knock on doors and “drum up” work for themselves. Shady contractors and even con artists often take advantage of major storms such as hurricanes to find trusting homeowners, taking their money and performing shoddy repairs or no repairs at all!

No matter how urgently you need storm damage repairs in Charlotte NC, take the time to research a company and note how long they’ve been in business. Check if they’re locally owned and operated and if they specialize in storm damage in Charlotte. This will ensure you choose a reputable and reliable company whom you can trust!

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