What Is Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte and Why Is It Necessary?

December 25, 2019

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Suffering through a fire is one of the most difficult and stressful occurrences for property owners, and fire damage restoration in Charlotte often makes the process even more stressful and difficult! While the most important concern after a fire is the safety of your family, pets, staff, visitors, and others, property owners are also rightly concerned about fire damage repair to Charlotte homes and offices and how to get their property back to a like-new condition, ready for reoccupation.

Professional fire damage restoration in Charlotte is an excellent way to alleviate stress after a fire and ensure your home or business is safe for reoccupation, as well as looking and even smelling its best! Mold remediation services after a fire are also recommended, so you know your property is protected from the risk of unhealthy mold growth. Before you invest in fire damage restoration in Charlotte, note what is often included in this service, why it’s so vital, and other services you’ll want to consider for your property after a fire.

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Why Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte?

To better understand what is included in most fire restoration services in Charlotte, it’s vital for a property owner to realize that a fire itself is not always the only reason for damage to a property! Firefighters often use copious amounts of water and fire suppressing chemicals to put out that blaze, and those materials don’t simply evaporate into the air.

Smoke, soot, ash, and other residues also damage surfaces and materials of your property; smoke, for example, often leaves unsightly circles around ceiling tiles above the area of a fire. Ash settles into carpet fibers, becoming difficult to remove. These residues can be as damaging and unsightly as the fire itself!

Fire damage restoration in Charlotte removes these materials and residues along with damaged and irreparable building materials, such as carpeting, drywall, and ceiling tiles. Odor neutralizing services also eliminate the smell of smoke, burned building materials, and fire suppressing chemicals, so your property is clean and welcoming and ready for reoccupation.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte?

Fire damage restoration in Charlotte is different for every customer and project, as no two fires are alike! However, restoration services typically begin with an evaluation of damaged materials needing removal, including drywall, wall studs, and the like. If these materials cannot be cleaned and restored, they need to be torn out or cut away.

Water removal after a fire is vital, as drywall, carpeting, and other materials absorb water used to put out a blaze. A fire damage restoration company in Charlotte might use heavy-duty shop vacuums as well as dehumidifiers and dryers, for a fast and easy drying process. A thorough inspection of wall studs and other hidden areas is also vital, to note if they’ve also absorbed moisture and if there is the risk of resultant mold growth.

Fire damage restoration in Charlotte next involves cleaning up solid materials such as torn drywall, singed carpet fibers, and smoke-damaged furniture and other pieces. A thorough sweeping and vacuuming of the home or business also helps remove soot, ash, dust, and other solid particles.

Once solid, damaged materials are removed, it’s time for cleanup! Wall scrubbing, carpet shampooing, and other cleaning methods remove soot, ash, chemicals, and other materials, ensuring a home or business is clean and pristine. Odor neutralization also removes the smell of smoke, soot, and charred materials.

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Hazards to Avoid During Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte

A homeowner would do well to understand that fire damage repair in Charlotte is not a DIY job! Before you assume that you can manage your own fire damage repairs, note a few reasons why you’ll want to leave this work to the pros.

  • Singed and water-soaked building materials collapse quite easily and especially once you start tearing at drywall and other materials around that damaged framing, increasing the risk of injury. Damaged load-bearing walls and beams also need support as quickly as possible, to keep them from collapsing and causing injury.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming a fire-damaged area often results in the circulation of ash and soot so that they simply settle into other areas of the home, creating a bigger mess than before!
  • Fire damage restoration contractors in Charlotte ensure they have proper breathing apparatus and protective clothing, to avoid breathing in soot, ash, lingering smoke, fire suppressant chemicals, and other hazardous materials.
  • As mold develops quite quickly along damp building materials, it’s vital that a fire damage restoration contractor inspect a structure’s framework and other areas for the risk of mold growth and for growing and developing mold as well. Homeowners unfamiliar with the appearance of mold or signs of its development might miss those signs and allow mold to spread!
  • Smoke, soot, ash, and other residues are very unhealthy and downright dangerous to people and pets. Improper or insufficient cleanup can result in breathing disorders, allergic reactions, and other adverse health conditions.
  • Household tools including brooms and vacuums are typically ineffective at cleaning ash, soot, and other fire residues thoroughly. You might also damage these tools in the process!

Note, too, that local building codes might dictate the process of fire damage restoration in Charlotte and surrounding cities and the condition of a building before it’s ready for reoccupation. This is especially vital for business owners to remember, as you don’t want to face a business shutdown or liability lawsuit due to improper or insufficient cleanup efforts! You might also face fines from your city or county if your home is not repaired to local building codes after a fire or any such disaster.

A fire damage restoration company might also work with your homeowner’s insurance company, helping you to fill out paperwork or giving you advice on the best way to protect your claim. They might also help get proper pictures of the damage and can even advise on how to save money on your repairs and fire damage restoration in Charlotte, without compromising on the quality of that restoration work or the safety of your home or office!

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