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If your property has been affected by water damage, you need to call in a water mitigation company as quickly as possible for Charlotte water damage restoration. The longer you leave it, the more the problems will be exacerbated. 

Mold will grow, wood will rot and bacteria will develop and thrive until it’s no longer safe to live around. If you don’t head the problem off at the pass, you might find yourself being forced to replace things instead of just getting water damage repair in Charlotte. 

Trust our water damage contractors to resolve the problems quickly and effectively!
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Quality Water Damage Cleanup in Charlotte. No Cutting Corners.

Don’t take a chance by hiring whoever’s cheapest. We firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and while we do everything we can to keep the costs down and to pass those savings on to our customers, we don’t cut corners when it comes to both the job and to the tools and resources we use. When you hire 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, you’re hiring quality. Plus, we accept all major insurance companies to ensure you’re covered no matter what!

So whether you are in need of restoration because of flooding or a more serious case where you need storm damage repairs from a recent hurricane — or even if you just want to get to know us so that you know who to call when there’s a problem — don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our professional water damage cleanup services.

Family-Owned & Operated
Water Damage Restoration Company in Charlotte

Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we’re a local water remediation company that’s proud to live in the area we work in. We’re family-owned and Charlotte-based, but we also have all the expertise we need to deal with water damage restoration projects of all shapes and sizes. 

And if you’re worried about the water damage restoration cost and the size of the bill you’ll be facing, forget about it. We’ll go out of our way to give you an accurate quote on our expert water damage services and to keep you updated in the rare case of any unexpected costs. 

In the vast majority of cases, it’s a simple enough job and we’re able to cleanup and then do any water damage repair in your Charlotte area home or business.
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Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration

You hear a major storm is headed towards Charlotte. What do you do? The first step should be to call your local experts at 24/7 Water Damage. We can offer you advice on how BEST to prepare for the storm flooding and damages. Then, after the storm, if there's any repairs you need to your Charlotte residence, we're able to quickly provide. That's why we're considered the storm damage cleanup specialists of North Carolina. 

When you require emergency storm cleanup, we're there for you. Our professional technicians are available around the clock because we know that when a storm strikes, you need assistance immediately!

Commercial Fire, Mold, & Water Damage Restoration in Your Charlotte Area

When you own and run a commercial business, there are bigger issues to worry about than potential storms in the area. But, when a hurricane or tropical storm hits, you'll be prepared. Our water damage cleanup and restoration company is on-call for your commercial property. 

If you experience flooding, fire damages, or even mold, we are the local professionals who can help. We even work with all major insurance companies so you don't need to deal with the pain of it! If your commercial business is at risk, keep 24/7 Water Damage on the bench, ready to provide you commercial water damage services when you need them!
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FAST Water and Sewer Cleanup in Charlotte, NC

Hey Charlotte, let's talk about sewage. Most people don't necessarily think about this but sewers and sewage are a huge part of the water damage cleanup and restoration process. Our experts are highly trained and used specialized equipment in order to quickly and safely clean contaminants from sewage backup. This is an important step because this waste can carry viruses and harmful bacteria. 

Don't wait to call for your residential area or commercial business when you need water and sewer cleanup in Charlotte, NC. After all, we're available 24/7 to you. Call us for all your emergency services including fire damage restoration, mold removal, and sewage cleanup!

Do You Need Water Damage Tips for Mitigation, Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration Charlotte NC?

Water damage comes in a variety of types and at varying severities, from storm damage to sewage damage. Storm damage repair and doesn’t have to cost the earth, and at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte we pride ourselves on the fact that we keep costs as low as possible and pass on the savings to our customers.

But we’re not just about Charlotte water damage restoration. No, we also handle water mitigation to reduce the potential damage when damage is inevitable, and we also provide actionable tips and advice to help you to stop the damage before it ever becomes a problem. After all, prevention is better than the cure.

If you need water damage tip to learn how to handle restoration after a storm, we've got you covered!
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"I've never written a review before. After receiving such phenomenal service and expertise on my home. I did not only need to write a review. I wanted to. These guys are so proficient, respectful, and timely it blew my mind. 10/10 would use again."

– Devante Valmont 

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