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If you’re looking for water restoration in Charlotte NC, you’ve come to the right place. We’re independently owned but with the expertise, you need to get the job done to its highest possible standard. Some water damage repair companies in Charlotte will simply patch up the damage and leave you to it. Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we do things a little differently.

So if you’re struggling with water damage in the Charlotte area then be sure to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to show you what we can do — and because we’re locally-owned and locally run, we know that we’re only as good as our last job. Ask yourself: Would you rather hire some national company that treats you just like a figure on a spreadsheet or would you prefer to hire someone who lives a mile down the road and who’ll take the time to get to know you by name?

Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we follow a simple five-step process for every project that we undertake. Here’s how we’ll get started once you give us a call and ask for our help...
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Our 5-Step Restoration Process

Step #1: Inspection: We’ll come and take a look at what you’re dealing with so we can get a first-hand idea of how bad the water damage is and what remedial work needs doing.

Step #2: Water Removal: In the vast majority of cases, we can get started with the water removal process straight away. Our engineers carry all of the tools they need, including the high-powered pumps and vacuums we use to clear the water from your property.

Step #3: Drying/Dehumidifying: Once we’ve removed all of the obvious water from the property, we still need to get rid of atmospheric moisture to stop further damage from becoming a problem.
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water damage restoration charlotte nc

Our Restoration Process Continued

Step #4: Cleaning: This is where we clean up any residue and other contamination and disinfect the affected areas. This is a particularly important step when you’re dealing with water damage from leaking sewage or overflowing gutters.

Step #5: Restoration: The final step of the process is to restore any damaged areas to their original state. For example, this may require plastering, carpet replacement or other cosmetic fixes damage, because water can spread quickly throughout your property and cause all sorts of damage. Within just the first few minutes, it’s absorbed by floors, carpets, furniture and other malleable materials, while metals tarnish and dyes run within hours. You could try to tackle it yourself, but it’s a big risk to take and you could end up doing more harm than good.

Our Water Damage Restoration Experts are Waiting to Hear from You!

You can see from our five-step process that as well as clearing up the damage, we’ll also check whether any remedial work is needed. We’ll identify the cause of the problem and try to get it fixed. That way, we’ll stop it from happening again.

Some restoration companies in Charlotte NC are exactly that — they’re restoration companies. Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we think that prevention is better than the cure — and that if it’s too late to prevent one accident, we can at least try to prevent another. We won’t just clean up the damage and then leave you to it. We’ll make sure that we understand the source of the damage so that we can stop it from happening again.
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"I've never written a review before. After receiving such phenomenal service and expertise on my home. I did not only need to write a review. I wanted to. These guys are so proficient, respectful, and timely it blew my mind. 10/10 would use again."

– Devante Valmont 

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