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Residential water removal after a flood or fire is not a DIY job. Failing to properly dry a home’s building materials after a flood or fire can lead to structural damage of a house, as well as mold and mildew growth! Home fires can also leave behind smoke and soot stains as well as residual ash that is very difficult to clean.

For fast and effective water damage restoration, as well as mold cleanup and the repair work needed after a house fire, call the experts at 24/7 Water Damage. Our highly-trained experts specialize in fire, flood, and mold restoration services. We bring over 25 years of experience to every customer we service and will ensure your entire house is sanitized and structurally sound, and that it smells fresh and clean as well!

Water Restoration Huntersville NC

Your home will need repair and restoration after it has suffered any flood damage. Flooding refers to more than just a natural disaster; homes can be flooded from a broken water heater, burst plumbing pipe, or a child inadvertently bringing a garden hose into the house. Water from these types of accidents is readily absorbed by interior drywall and wall studs, leading to structural damage of a home and potential mold growth.

Call 24/7 Water Damage for any water-related property damage restoration work. We offer expert service that is second to none, ensuring that all residual moisture is extracted after any flood, appliance or plumbing leak, or other such accidents or disasters.

Mold Removal Huntersville NC

Mold is a common problem for homes in Huntersville, as excess moisture can get trapped in houses during long, humid North Carolina summers. Overlooking needed water damage repair in a home can also allow mold and mildew to grow along drywall and under carpet padding.

A homeowner should never try to clean mold-infested areas of a home themselves. Hazardous mold spores can become airborne during the cleaning process, or cling to clothes, skin, and hair, eventually settling in other parts of the house. Rather than risk these dangers, call 24/7 Water Damage for safe and effective mold remediation, as well as treatment of lingering odors that are the result of mold infestation.

Fire Damage Repair Huntersville NC

Fire restoration is needed after a house has suffered any blaze, including a stovetop fire or damage from a smoldering cigarette! Even a small house fire can leave behind smoke and soot stains, as well as a smoky smell or the smell of burnt rubber and wood. Water and foam used to put out a fire can also cause damage to ceiling tiles and drywall, and residual ash from a fire is difficult to remove with a household vacuum.

If your home has been through any type of fire, call 24/7 Water Damage for proper and effective restoration services. We can thoroughly remove all traces of smoke and soot, as well as ash and any remaining fire-suppression foam. Our odor treatment services will also remove that smoky or burning smell, so your home is as good as new.

24/7 Water Damage in Huntersville, NC

Just 14 miles north of Charlotte, Huntersville is an exciting town to live in where it feels like something is always happening, whether it’s NASCAR racing or the annual Carolina Renaissance Festival. But thanks to the humidity and nearby Lake Norman, it’s not unusual for both homes and businesses in Huntersville to require mold remediation and removal.

That’s where we come in. Here at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, we’re proud to be independently owned and to serve the areas that we were born and raised in. Based in Charlotte NC, we offer 24/7 coverage and emergency callouts, which means that there’s no excuse for you to leave the damage until it gets worse or to try to tackle it yourself.

So if you’re based in Huntersville and you’re trying to deal with water damage, fire damage or mold damage, be sure to get in touch. We’ve worked on plenty of projects in the area and we’d love you to become the latest in a long line of our happy customers in Huntersville and beyond. We look forward to working with you!

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