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Home water damage restoration in Indian Trail NC is needed after any flood in the area. Even small and quick floods can lead to water getting absorbed by the framework and subfloors of a home, and these materials cannot be cleaned by a homeowner using a standard household vacuum cleaner! No matter the extent of a flood, you need to hire a water damage restoration company as soon as those waters recede.

However, a flood is not the only time when you need home water damage restoration in Indian Trail NC. Lots of rain is required to keep Crooked Creek Park and nearby Wise Acres Strawberry Farm healthy, but those heavy rains can cause water damage to a residential home. Even small plumbing leaks can also damage a home’s framework, and if firefighters have visited your home, if you’ve had a significant spill such as from an overturned carpet cleaning water tank, or if your home’s water heater has leaked, you may need to call a water damage restoration company. All that excess water can easily seep into your home’s drywall and carpet padding, leading to dangerous mold growth. Rather than risk this damage and expensive cleanup, call for home water damage restoration in Indian Trail NC for any excess water that may have damaged your home.

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