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Emergency Water Damage Restoration, Kannapolis NC

A home needs immediate, emergency water damage restoration in Kannapolis NC after any spill, flood, or plumbing leak. The framework of a house quickly and easily absorbs even the slightest water spill, and without proper cleanup of that moisture, mold may soon develop and then spread to the home’s walls and floorboards. Mold is hazardous to your health, and breathing in its spores can lead to severe breathing disorders and allergic reactions. Water-soaked wood also becomes soft and weak and less able to hold the weight of a home, so that the house may shift out of position, allowing cracks to form along the walls and ceilings.

Kannapolis, NC, is the proud home of the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, honoring North Carolinian performers like George Clinton, James Taylor, Kate Smith, and Donna Fargo. We’re just as proud to be the best water damage restoration company in the state, available 24/7 for your water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation needs. Our services ensure your home is safe from mold growth, and that the framework of the house is also structurally sound, no matter the size of water leak or flood it may have suffered. After any water spill, call us for emergency water damage restoration in Kannapolis NC, so you protect your home and also protect your family’s health!

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