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Fire Damage Repair Mint Hill, NC

Water and fire damage repair for a Mint Hill NC home is needed for more than just singed and burnt building materials. Firefighters will use lots of water as well as chemical foams and sprays to extinguish a blaze, and to cover building materials around a fire, to ensure those materials not smoldering and at risk for starting a new fire! These materials all need to be professionally cleaned so that they’re ready for rebuilding. Fire damage repair for a Mint Hill NC home also means scrubbing away smoke stains that can’t be just painted over.

Our company services every area of Mint Hill, NC, from the N.C. Korean War Memorial to the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village, and every spot in between. We offer complete fire damage cleanup work as well as water damage restoration and mold remediation, so no matter the reason for damage to your home, we will make it ready for renovation and safe for your family.

Whatever the extent of damage after a fire, and no matter the size of a blaze, you’ve suffered enough stress, so call us for fire damage repair for a Mint Hill SC home as soon as possible. We will work hard to have that home restored and renovated and allow you to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible.

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