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Fire and Water Damage Restoration Monroe NC

If you need fire restoration for a Monroe NC home, then you’ve come to the right place. Our fire repair services are personalized to your individual needs, as no two homes – and no two fires – are alike!

If your house, garage, or any part of your property has been through a fire of any size, you’ve already been through enough stress. To get your house or other structure back to its original condition, call us for individualized fire damage restoration services. We will thoroughly evaluate the damage, perform a complete cleanup of all smoke and soot, and restore a structure’s framework and building materials as needed.

The weather in Monroe NC makes it a perfect spot for tourists who might be visiting the Teahouse Vineyards or the Aw Shucks Farm in the city, but Monroe’s dry season can also mean a higher risk for brush fires, and summer rains can mean lightning strikes and resultant house fires. A severe house fire may also mean necessary water damage restoration services, as firefighters may soak a home and all surrounding structures, to keep that fire from reappearing! We can also perform fire restoration for a Monroe NC home if you’ve had a stovetop grease fire or have dropped a lit cigarette that smoldered through to the home’s floorboards. To repair this damage and restore your home’s appearance, call us for all your fire damage repair needs.

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