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Even the smallest flood in a home can result in severe water damage to the structure’s framework and building materials. Without proper water cleanup, a house can then suffer mold growth as well as unpleasant odors that can’t be removed with everyday deodorizers.

24/7 Water Damage is Monroe’s leading property damage repair company, bringing over 25 years of experience to every home and business we service. All of our technicians are highly trained in every aspect of flood damage repair, as well as mold cleanup and the restoration work needed after a house fire. Our repair specialists can even remove residual odors after a flood or fire, so your home looks and smells as clean as it was before it suffered damage!

Water Damage Restoration Monroe NC

Even a small flood in a home, such as from a broken pipe, damaged waterbed, or leaking aquarium, can cause tremendous damage to a house. Drywall, floorboards, and ceiling tiles quickly and readily absorb such water, softening and then cracking and chipping.

With proper water removal, this excess moisture can also lead to mold growth behind a home’s walls, as well as mildew under carpeting and along fiberglass insulation. Excess water in a house can even attract pests and insects! No matter the overall size of a flood in a home, call 24/7 Water Damage for immediate water restoration, to avoid mold and mildew growth and ensure your home’s building materials are safe and in good condition.

Mold Remediation in Monroe NC

Hazardous mold spores grow and spread very quickly, especially after a flood and during warm and humid North Carolina summers. Mold removal is not a DIY job, as it’s easy for a homeowner to overlook areas of mold growth or to miss mold that has settled into cracks and crevices of a home’s framework and building materials.

If you see any signs of mold in your home, or if your home has recently suffered a flood or fire that required lots of water to extinguish, call us right away for mold treatment and cleanup. We will ensure your home’s building materials are thoroughly cleaned or even replaced if needed, so there is no trace of damaging mold spores, and your house is safe and structurally sound.

Fire Damage Repair Monroe NC

A fire itself is not the only part of a blaze that causes damage to a home! Many house fires require copious amounts of water to extinguish, and your home’s building materials, carpeting, and wood floors readily absorb all that water. Fire extinguishers also contain chemicals that are damaging to a home’s walls and ceiling tiles.

Fire restoration services from 24/7 Water Damage in Monroe will ensure that every area of your house is thoroughly inspected, with all excess water extracted and completely removed. Damaged building materials will be repaired or replaced as needed, and all lingering odors of smoke or extinguishing chemicals will also be eliminated, so that you can enjoy your home once again.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Monroe NC

If you need fire restoration for a Monroe NC home, then you’ve come to the right place. Our fire repair services are personalized to your individual needs, as no two homes – and no two fires – are alike!

If your house, garage, or any part of your property has been through a fire of any size, you’ve already been through enough stress. To get your house or other structure back to its original condition, call us for individualized fire damage restoration services. We will thoroughly evaluate the damage, perform a complete cleanup of all smoke and soot, and restore a structure’s framework and building materials as needed.

The weather in Monroe NC makes it a perfect spot for tourists who might be visiting the Teahouse Vineyards or the Aw Shucks Farm in the city, but Monroe’s dry season can also mean a higher risk for brush fires, and summer rains can mean lightning strikes and resultant house fires. A severe house fire may also mean necessary water damage restoration services, as firefighters may soak a home and all surrounding structures, to keep that fire from reappearing! We can also perform fire restoration for a Monroe NC home if you’ve had a stovetop grease fire or have dropped a lit cigarette that smoldered through to the home’s floorboards. To repair this damage and restore your home’s appearance, call us for all your fire damage repair needs.

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