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Water and Mold Remediation in Rock Hill SC

24/7 Water Damage and Mold remediation for a Rock Hill SC house can be performed if mold in a home is minimal and not dangerous to people or pets. Note that mold is almost always present in a house, and a minuscule amount of mold spores behind a wall or under floorboards doesn’t mean you’re at risk for breathing in those spores and then getting sick from exposure. Our mold remediation in Rock Hill SC finds the cause of mold growth in a home, whether that’s the result of a plumbing leak, lack of ventilation, or a broken water heater, and then addresses that reason for mold growth, keeping mold spores to a minimum.

If you live anywhere near Glencairn Gardens in Rock Hill, SC, your home may be at an elevated risk for mold growth, since the area around those gardens is often humid and damp. If you notice mold in your home, call us for an immediate examination and evaluation of the infested area, and so we can use high-quality mold remediation products that will saturate your home’s framework and stop that mold from spreading. Our professional mold remediation Rock Hill SC service will then protect your home from further water and mold damage, and protect your health as well!

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