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Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Fire Damage Repair Stallings NC

Water damage repair in your Stallings NC home should only be addressed by a professional, as improper cleanup after a fire or flood can lead to dangerous mold growth in the home. Damaged wall studs, floorboards, and ceiling tiles can also lead to cracks along their surfaces, allowing the house to shift and settle, resulting in even more structural damage.

24/7 Water Damage is the area’s leader in water restoration and fire damage repairs. Our property damage Stalling NC experts do whatever is needed to extract excess water from your home, and we bring over 25 years of experience to every property we service. We expertly and thoroughly clean every area of a flooded or fire damaged home, replacing damaged building materials and ensuring that all surfaces are as good as new.

Expert Water Removal Stallings NC

Never assume that you can clean up after a flood on your own. Water and trapped humidity in a home get quickly absorbed by drywall, wall studs, and floorboards. Failing to clean these building materials properly will lead to mold, cracked wood, softened wood, and foul odors. This water can even attract pests and insects!

Our expert restoration services thoroughly extract all traces of excess moisture trapped under carpeting and behind walls. We will also carefully examine the building materials of your home, to note if they need replacement or repair.

Fire Restoration in Stallings NC

Residential homes readily absorb the water and fire suppression chemicals used to extinguish an interior blaze. That added moisture and those chemicals can then lead to mold growth and damage to a home’s building materials. Without proper cleanup, your house might suffer structural damage even after a fire is extinguished!

Residential fires also leave large stains and foul odors behind. These odors can get trapped in every area of your home, even those not affected by the blaze. Call us for expert fire restoring work in Stallings NC to ensure your house is properly cleaned and that it looks and smells its best after any interior fire.

Mold Removal in Stallings NC

Hazardous mold can grow and spread quickly throughout any home, which is why you need to rely on the experts at 24/7 Water Damage to remove this dangerous contaminant from your home. Mold removal should be handled quickly, as soon as you see any signs of dangerous mold spores developing along the walls of the house. A homeowner should also avoid trying to clean residential mold themselves, as this can scatter hazardous spores.

Mold remediation might be needed because of the high humidity levels in North Carolina, or because of a flood or fire. If you put off water damage repairs to your home, this can also lead to mold growth. Whatever the cause, be sure to call use at 24/7 Water Damage for a fast, free quote, and for all the property restoration services you need to ensure your home is clean and safe for everyone.

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Water damage and black mold removal in a Stallings NC home may be needed after discovering a plumbing leak, after a massive spill such as from a broken water heater, or after a flood. The framework of a home can absorb water leaks and even a small level of floodwaters, and those dark and cool areas behind walls are a perfect breeding ground for mold growth. 

Removing black mold right away is very important, as airborne mold spores can lead to breathing disorders and other health hazards. Over-the-counter mold removal products are usually not enough to kill dangerous black mold, which is why you want to call us the minute you see any signs of mold growth in your home. We will test discolored areas of your home for mold growth and use heavy-duty cleaning products that will penetrate wood building materials, removing all traces of mold.

Remember that heavy rains may keep Stallings Park healthy and full of lush vegetation, but all that added moisture can also mean mold growth in your home. Never try to tackle black mold removal in a Stallings NC home by yourself, but let us clean or remove infested building materials, so your home is safe and free of any unhealthy mold growth.

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