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Expert, Professional Water Damage Restoration for an East Charlotte NC Home

Our expert, professional water damage restoration for an East Charlotte NC house is needed after you’ve discovered a roof leak or a plumbing leak behind the home’s walls or in the basement. Your home will also need water damage repair after a flood, including from an overflowing bathtub, broken aquarium or other water feature, or broken water heater. A plumbing leak or flood and resultant water damage can quickly lead to mold growth in a home, as well as softened building materials that are no longer structurally sound and secure. Our experts work throughout Greater Charlotte providing our restoration services.

If you’ve neglected to call for water damage repair after any flood or plumbing leak, you may need our expert mold remediation services! Never assume you can clean household mold on your own, as store-bought cleansers are ineffective at killing spores and preventing that hazardous contaminant from returning.

Fire damage restoration services are needed if your home has suffered even a small blaze. If left unchecked, the water and suppressants used to extinguish fires can be absorbed by a home’s framework, leading to softened wood, insect infestation, and even mold growth.

East Charlotte NC is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, but even homes in Windsor Park, Mint Hill, and Ravenwood can still be at risk for floods, mold growth, and fire damage. If any such disaster happens to your beautiful home, call 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte for the highest-rated water damage restoration East Charlotte NC. We do more than just dry out a damaged home’s building materials or give them a quick clean, but will fully restore and remediate that damage, so your house is structurally sound and safe for you and your family. 


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