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You need water damage restoration for a North Charlotte NC home after it’s suffered any flood or plumbing leak, including water damage from a broken aquarium, waterbed, or water heater. Professional restoration is needed even after your home has been through a fire!

Our water damage restoration services do more than just clean and dry your home’s building materials. Our services include removing and then replacing damaged building materials, ensuring that a home’s wall studs and floorboards are safe and strong.

Our professional fire damage restoration services all over Greater Charlotte include removal and replacement of fire-damaged building materials, including those that have been drenched with water and fire suppressants. Replacing these materials will help avoid future mold growth behind your home’s walls or under carpet padding.

Water damage and plumbing leaks in a home often lead to mold, mildew, and other hazardous contaminants. If you find any of these materials in your home, call us for thorough mold remediation services. We’ll ensure that all mold spores are destroyed so this contamination doesn’t grow back.

North Charlotte, NC, is home to the Derita Spring and UNC Charlotte but is also known for inclement weather, including storms that come in from the ocean. This weather often results in flooded homes, mold growth, and the risk of lightning fires. If this happens to your home, call 24/7 Water Damage. We offer over 25 years in the water damage restoration North Charlotte NC industry, and our restoration services will ensure your home is safe, clean, and comfortable after any such disaster. 

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