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Need Water Damage Restoration for a South Charlotte NC Home?

Water damage restoration for South Charlotte NC involves more than just a cleanup of water stains along interior walls and ceiling tiles. Quality restoration in Greater Charlotte involves a thorough evaluation of a structure’s drywall, wall studs, subfloors, and all building materials, to evaluate their condition and note if they’re damaged beyond repair. Drying out the surface of these materials is not enough to safely restore a home or office, as building materials that have absorbed water may be soft and structurally unsafe and may attract insects or allow mold to grow.

Fire damage restoration and mold remediation services may also be needed if your home or office has suffered a water leak, flood, or a fire. High water levels, as well as the suppressants used to extinguish a blaze, can be absorbed by a structure’s framework, leading to damaged wood and eventual mold growth.

While South Charlotte, NC, is home to such attractions as the Quail Hollow golf course, the SouthPark Mall, and the Historic South End, it’s also prone to extreme weather conditions that can easily cause floods and fires. Our 25 years in the water damage restoration South Charlotte NC industry tell us that merely drying out building materials in a water-damaged home or office is not enough to make that structure safe or to avoid mold growth and insect infestation. You deserve a safe, clean, and comfortable environment in which to work and live, so contact us for restoration services whenever your home or office has suffered a flood, fire, or other such water damage.


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